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The Atlantic presents ideas from both ends of the spectrum. Because in today’s world of arts, politics, news, and sports, there are no easy answers.

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Moral Conundrums

Interactive Media
Life exists on a moral spectrum. The Atlantic has created a five-part ethically engaging quiz that places you on the moral gray scale.
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The Gray Area

Experiential Design
The Atlantic and MoMA have collaborated to create “The Gray Area,” a collection of the most contenious art pieces of the last generation.

What I Did

︎︎︎  Improved my After Effects and photo skills.
︎︎︎  Maintained neutrality on tough issues.
︎︎︎  Learned the need for impartiality in media.
︎︎︎  Looked at Pantone colors (my favorite hobby).

CW: Jackson Wald
AD: Bailey Wood
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